Play4Paws is a part of the ForceChange.com network, which includes AnimalPetitions. We are dedicated to protecting animals, both wild and domestic, from abuse and harm at the hands of humans. Our community is comprised of passionate citizen activists dedicated to taking action to protect animals.

Our members are knowledgeable on the issues and passionate about effecting positive change in the world we live. This translates into a high level of engagement and action.

We are not a nonprofit, we are a business. We are structured that way in order to open up sources of funding that would not be available to us otherwise.


Each year, 7.6 million companion animals enter shelters, and 2.6 million are euthanized. By donating meals, the financial burden on the shelter is eased, allowing them to focus on spaying and neutering, vaccinations, and increasing their efforts toward finding more forever homes for their animals.

We donate shelter meals through Rescue Bank because they research all shelters, maintain equitable distribution, and track the meals from their facilities all the way to the rescue groups. This ensures that our donation will be utilized in the most efficient and impacting way.